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About Us

Welcome to Success at School

Your trusted national careers organisation designed for students aged 13-19. Our main aim is to empower and guide young individuals in making well-informed decisions about their future pathways. With a presence in over 80% of schools and colleges across the UK, we have become the leading platform for career exploration and planning.

Our Mission

At Success at School, we're on a mission to equip young people with the essential tools and knowledge they need to confidently shape their futures. Whether it's advice on careers, employers, or education options, we're here to provide comprehensive guidance that supports their journey towards success.

A Trusted Resource

Since our inception, we've established ourselves as the most visited independent careers website in the UK for students aged 13-19. Our platform acts as a bridge between students, parents, carers, careers leaders, and various stakeholders, enabling them to connect with employers, industry experts, and universities while receiving impartial advice and guidance.

Guidance for Educators

Recognising the challenges students face when navigating numerous future pathways, we actively create up-to-date school resources. These resources assist teachers and careers leaders in providing the best possible guidance to their students, ultimately leading to better outcomes. Our commitment to excellence has been endorsed by reputable institutions such as the Careers & Enterprise Company and the National Careers Service.

More Than a Platform

Success at School goes beyond being just a careers platform. We foster essential conversations between parents and teachers about effective ways to support their children's futures. We demystify misconceptions around apprenticeships and alternative routes to university, catering to the diverse needs of young individuals. Moreover, we offer employers the opportunity to connect with over 4,000 schools and colleges across the UK, facilitating access to the talent of tomorrow.

Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders

Together, we are dedicated to empowering, nurturing, and supporting the leaders of tomorrow. By providing the right tools and resources, we believe in setting the stage for young individuals to succeed in their chosen paths. Success at School is more than a platform; it's a community striving to make a positive impact on the lives of young people across the UK. Join us as we shape a brighter future, one decision at a time.